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Heading to Emilia Romagna? here the best you can visit

Discover the old and new treasures of Northern Italy!

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who are planning and/or have performed at least one trip to Italy, and those who could know better. After centuries of rich history, Italy has become one of the most famous Mediterranean countries, and every year thousands, millions of visitors from all around the world spend at least a couple days in this beautiful country. They admire the many beauties it has to offer, enjoy the lively, merry and passionate Italians, and of course, get delighted with its many treats to every sense. For your eyes, you have the gorgeous landscapes and the exquisite architecture. For your ears, the local music and the not less musical language that they speak in the most expressive way you have ever seen. For your touch, the centuries old stones and the many textures that cover its cities and countryside. And for your smell and taste, of course, its world renowned cuisine and beverages, including delicious wine and the finest espressos.

Northern Italy in particular is very attractive to those who love to get in contact with the history of the human race and the many stages and productions it has developed over hundreds of years. Italy has so much to see that a lifetime wouldn’t suffice. The majestic cathedrals and other ecclesiastic buildings, the breathtaking works of the Roman Empire - including renowned landmarks such as the Colisseum -, historic buildings that have been there for generations, and countless woks of artistic architecture that you cannot miss.

Italy on your tastebuds

The other big thing you simply cannot skip if you go to Italy is its fantastic cuisine. Going to Italy and not making it a big priority to try their famous dishes elaborated with local ingredients is like booking a trip to Germany or Ireland and refusing to try the local spirits. You just don’t do it. 

And there is good reason for that! Italian products such as cheese, wine, balsamic vinegar, ham and many others are consumed around the world as a delicacy, not to mention extremely famous dishes such as pizza and the endless lineup of pasta varieties you can try. So why not take the chance to enjoy all these fantastic dishes right where they were born? You can even book an educational trip and learn even more about the culture and the making of Italian food, because many farms offer you the possibility of going inside their plants and factories and seeing the process for yourself. Many of these trips also include tasting sessions, and you can buy some of their products to enjoy yourself or to take back home as a souvenir. Services like Emilia Delizia ( offer guided trips to different farms and elaboration facilities, and they even pick you up at your hotel, so make sure to book one or two trips with them! (Don’t worry, they speak English.)

Best things to do in Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is a big region of Northern Italy, and it gathers many of the points of touristic interest of the Northern half of the country. The capital city of the region of Emilia Romagna is Bologna, and you really don’t want to skip this city if you want to see great works of architecture and art from different periods of the Italian history. Among the best things to do in Bologna you have the Via de San Luca, a 5km trail surounded by medieval architecture that leads you by the main square of Bolognia and up to the sanctuary of San Luca. 

But Bologna isn’t the only place you can visit, of course! You should also see some of the best spots in Parma, the world capital of Parmesan cheese and Parma ham. If you want to get more sophisticated, Parma homes many classical art museums and the 200 years old opera house.  

Perhaps a lesser known city in Emilia Romagina is Piacenza, but it doesn’t fall short when it comes to artistic treasures, breathtaking medieval architecture and rich history, amongo ther best ideas for Piacenza, so if you are that kind of traveler who loves to walk off the beaten track and see some special places few people have been to, this is a great place to go!

Finally, we couldn’t talk bout Emilia Romagna without mentioning Modena, the famous city where sportcar brands Ferrari and Lamborghini were born. Modena isn’t just the best place for motorheads and car lovers, with all its history and its car museums, but also you can visit the Museum Palace and see great works of art, and don’t forget to check out the local production of balsamic vinegar!

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  • Heading to Emilia Romagna? here the best you can visit

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